Location: 920 E Lake St #125, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Celebrate with us!

¡This year 2024 is important to us as we celebrate 25 incredible years in the restaurant business! But that's not all: it is also a special anniversary of survival, challenges, perseverance, adversities and opportunities that have presented themselves throughout these years.

Our founders, Manny and Victoria Gonzalez, have been steering the ship here at Manny’s Tortas for an amazing 25 years. Manny is not only our leader; He is the driving force of success and the inspiration that propels us forward. His dedication, vision and unwavering commitment to excellence in service and food quality have been instrumental in making Manny's Tortas what it is today: a restaurant recognized for its quality and customer-focused service. Victoria is the one who maintains the financial stability of the business, the vision and the growth strategy to keep Manny's Tortas in the market. And what can we say about its employees who have understood the culture and vision of Manny's Tortas and have been a fundamental part of the success and permanence of the restaurant for 25 years.

!Celebrate with us this 25th Anniversary of Manny’s Tortas, hoping that it continues for many more years of success!